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On this page you will find a list of all the tests conducted at Fajr Lab.

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Cell-free DNA test
Cost of cell-free DNA testing
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Everything you need to know about coronary heart disease
Announcement of esteemed clients and travellers applying for Covid PCR test
venous thromboembolism
CHAP test
CHAP test
Genetic counseling
Venous thrombosis
Install and setup the NIPT test
Primary immunodeficiency
Genetic Tests Fajr Laboratory
Perform new metabolic tests at the lowest cost and at the fastest time in Fajr Lab
Speech by Mr. Mohammad Reza Mahdavi, Head of the Fajr Laboratory of Sari, at the Seventh National Genetic Counseling Seminar and its role in preventing disabilities
The Presidency of the Medical Genetics Laboratory at the Middle East Metabolic Group
Genetic advice
Genetic counseling
Scientific Visit from Shimadzu Japan Company
New member of Fajr Sari medical genetic laboratory
Visit of the President of the University of Medical Sciences with the University Vice-President of the Medical Genetics and Pathobiologistship Laboratory
new dedicated parking for client
The process of promoting the construction of the new laboratory building Surrey Festival
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Amazing Medical Advances in 2018
Scientists stopped obesity and diabetes in mice using the RNA extinguishing protein in the liver.
A new genetic marker can help detect early prostate cancer
Reforming the human embryo with Chrisper’s method to better understand human early growth
Biosensor technology and help better treat diseases

تست‌ها بر اساس بخش

Types of biopsy include stomach-mucosal-colon-narrow-gut-rectum-skin-lung-prostate-pancreas and other types of tissues including larger resections and excisions such as appendix-skin-uterus-ovaries-breast-chromosomal hematoxylin-eosin (H & E) Particulate Color Glycogen PAS

Pap smear


Crystalline liquid


Fluid ovarian cyst

Fna breast

FNA Saliva Gland

Any kind of FNA in any type of liquid or collection

Tests performed in the cytogenetic part:

  1. Blood karyotype
  2. Amniotic fluid karyotype (amniocentesis)
  3. Karyotype of bone marrow specimens
  4. FISH
  5. SDFA

In this section, screening tests relate to three types of disorders, including fatty acid oxidation disorders, amino acid disorders, and organic acids, which are more than 42 analytes.

  1. Confirmatory Organic acid and Fatty acid test (GCMS) + (Compounds)
  2. Newborn Screening for Inherited Metabolic Diseases (MS/MS) + (Compounds)
  3. Confirmatory test for Newborn Screening Inherited Metabolic Diseases (MS/MS) in Plasma, Serum, Urine, Amniotic Fluid + (Compounds)

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Genetic counseling

Genetic counseling is actually a branch of medical genetics that examines the likelihood of developing genetic diseases and provides appropriate strategies for preventing repeat offspring with the goal of a future and healthy generation.

The marriage of both non-familial individuals has a potential risk of about 2-3%. This is higher in marriage with relatives and is different in terms of kinship.

Although geneticists do not hesitate to marry third-degree relatives, provided that there is no family history of hereditary diseases, it’s best to consult a genetic counselor before marriage in any case, if possible.

One of the main goals of genetic counseling is to identify the risk of a hereditary illness in pregnancy.

Genetic counseling is important in all stages of life, but the following is commonly categorized:

Genetic counseling before marriage

This advice, which is most common in Iran, is suggested to people who are going to marry in particular with their loved ones and at the same time worry about having their future child with a genetic condition.

Family marriage counseling

Family marriage is a marriage in which couples have a kinship relationship with similar and common ancestors and genes. Thousands of rare hereditary diseases are now known to cause child-bearing genes to infect their children through inherited genes. This risk is higher in family marriages due to common genes, but it does not mean that there is no danger in non-familial marriages, but the risk is lower.

Advice before and during pregnancy

They are offered to families who are planning a pregnancy and are somehow worried about the health of their next generation. Like pregnancy under the age of 18 and over 35, having a child with a genetic disorder, one of the parents has a genetic disorder or a systemic illness, a history of repeated abortion or infertility.

Advice and Disability Risk Assessment The existence of previous records of disability in a person or family member can be a reason for family concern and referral to identify the cause of disability, disability, or computing the risk of repeat disability in future generations.

The purpose of the genetic counseling can be one of the following

1. Helping to better understand genetic disease

2. Symptoms and diagnostic methods

3- Better prediction and control of the symptoms

4. Preventing or recurring illness

5- Propose suitable solutions such as:

Pregnancy diagnosis (PND)
Ovarian Implantation Diagnosis (PGD)
Natural pregnancy replacement methods
Genetic Screening
Genetic Specific Tests
What is essential for genetic counseling?

v In kinship weddings

v Chronic or progressive neuromuscular disorders

v Pregnancy before age 18 and over 35

v Disruption of physical growth and catholyosis

v Behavioral and mental disorders

v Incidence of congenital defects

v Repetition history in the family

v The history of previous children to genetic disease

v metabolic disorders, obesity, diabetes

v Disabilities and mental retardation

v Appearance of abnormal organs

v Parents or family members have a disability record

v Any problems and physical disabilities

v Pregnant mother’s exposure to risk factors such as radiation, infection, chemicals, etc.

v Cancer Types

Congenital cardiovascular disease

v metabolic disorders

v Genital mutilation in puberty

v Identification of gene vector carriers such as thalassemia, hemophilia, and sickle cell anemia

v Concerned about the risk of a family history

v The history of infertility and infertility

v The history of frequent abortions and stills

v Blindness, Deafness

v Ultrasound or abnormal and suspicious screening tests

** At the Center for the Genetics of Medicine and Pajoteology, the Fajr Genetic Advice is conducted by expert geneticists approved by the Ministry of Health **

Experiments related to the molecular genetic department

Alpha and beta thalassemia
Jak2 PCR
Connexin 26
N-ras / K-ras
Factor V found
Panel Thrombophilia
Molecular Infectious Disease

HSV genotyping
HPV 16
HPV 18

Analysis of sperm by CASA method

Urine Analysis
Urine Analysis
Osmolality (24h/U)
U.Reducing sub
Renal calculi

Electrophoresis section tests

1-      HbA1C

2-      Hemoglobin electrophoresis

3-      protein serum electrophoresis

4-      Serum / urine protein electrophoresis, Immunofixation/Immunotyping, serum free kappa and lambda light chains

Parasitology tests available

  • Smear for Leishman Body
  • Smear for malaria
  • Stool OP
  • Occult Blood
  • Scotch tape test
  • Stool pH
  • Sudan III (Fat)
  • Toxoplasma Ab (IgG) (ECL)
  • Toxoplasma Ab (IgM) (ECL)
  • Echinococcus Ab (EIA)

Serum IgG
Coombs( Indirect)
CRP hs
LE – Cell
2 – ME
Serum IgM
Anti MCV
Widal test
Coombs (dIrect)
CA 19-9
Listeria Ab (IF)
Mono Test
Serum IgA
Endo Myseal Ab IgA/IgM
Anti SSA
Myositis-Specific Antibody Panel
Inhibin A
Rubella IgG
Rubbela IgM
Coombs Wright
inhibin B