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The Presidency of the Medical Genetics Laboratory at the Middle East Metabolic Group

Hold the annual congress to investigate metabolic diseases in newborn infants. Congenital metabolic diseases are inherited diseases in which metabolic pathways in the body are impaired, usually due to an enzyme’s impaired function. In these patients as a result of the interruption of the metabolic enzyme, the raw material cannot be converted to the final product. Congenital metabolic diseases are inherited diseases in which metabolic pathways in the body are impaired, usually due to an enzyme’s impaired function…. In the various countries the world review of Metabolic disorders in the screening programs is included. The screening tests should therefore be made to identify them. These screening tests are performed by the Massage Therapy (MS) technique. This technique is, in fact, the ratio of the electric charge to the mass of the particle. About four percent of patients, such as imbalance and acid-base, metabolic diseases, brain disorders of calcium metabolism disorders repair-deficient DNA, glucose metabolism disorders, Hayprlaktatmy, disorders of iron metabolism, disorders of lipid metabolism, syndromes, malabsorption syndrome metabolic errors, congenital T and some other disorders are associated with loss of energy. Nowadays, the neonatal screening program in Iran is under way and supported by the Ministry of Health, Mazandaran province has been a leading country screening program, and so far about 18,000 newborns have been screened in the province. About 13 neonates were identified and underwent follow-up and treatment programs. Use of genetic tests at birth and diagnosis of metabolic diseases in the screening of hereditary metabolic diseases in neonates using two mass spectrometry techniques, MS / MS, GC-MS, and ultimately its definitive diagnosis with NGS technique. In postpartum health care, they can help the health, the economy and society. Because of this, the prevalence of metabolic diseases is 1/2000, and in particular in areas where family marriages are prevalent, early detection can be prevented and timely treatment of physical and mental abnormalities is prevented.

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The presence of the dean of the Fajr Laboratory, as well as the publication of the paper and poster at this congress, and the acquisition of more knowledge through specialized workshops at the congress held in Beirut, Lebanon in December 2018, helps the Fajr Medical Pathology and Genetics Laboratory Most of the infant screening programs have continued to be identified by identifying metabolic diseases in the infant and providing therapeutic strategies that play an important role in the health of the community as well as providing other services to the clients.

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