Genetic advice

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It should not be assumed that genetic diseases only occur in the relative marriage, but there are also dangers in all marriages.

تمام افراد نیازمند مشاوره ژنتیک می باشند**

Genetic counseling is in fact a branch of the medical genetics to examine the possibility of genetic disease outbreaks and to provide appropriate strategies to prevent the recurrence of the disease with the goal of a healthier future generation. Marriage is an individual work as well as a non-probable threat at about 2 to 3 per cent. The higher the probability of trasdoaj with relatives and is based on the degree of similarity being different.

Although genetic experts on the State of existence of a family history of the disease increased the free, the three-grade relatives to marry did not see an obstacle, but as a general principle, if possible, it would be advisable before marrying anyway to consult a genetic counselant.

From the main objectives of the genetic counselling, indicate the risk of hereditary diseases or the risk of recurrence in all pregnancies.

* In the centre of Medical Genetics and the پاتوبیولوژی Festival weekly on Saturdays and Sundays 17-18:30 Genetic counselling by experts qualified and approved genetics Department of Health made * *

Types of Consultations

Genetic counseling before marrying

This is the more common advice in Iran, it is recommended that people intending to marry especially with your relatives and child in the future worry about the genetic disease nothing.

Consultation before and during pregnancy

The family gives that kind of concern about pregnancy and next-generation health is its

The goal of genetic counseling?

– Help in understanding genetic diseases

– Diagnostic Signs and methods

– improved forecasting and management of disease symptoms

Prevention of the risk of disease or recurrence –


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