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  • Genetic advice

    It should not be assumed that genetic diseases only occur in the relative marriage, but there are also dangers in all marriages. **تمام افراد نیازمند مشاوره ژنتیک می باشند** Genetic counseling is in fact [...]

  • Genetic counseling

    Dear Visitors: Genetic counseling at the Fajr Medical Genetics and Pathology Laboratory is carried out by a specialist approved by the Ministry of Health in the following cases: Genetic counseling before marrying Family marriage [...]


  • venous thromboembolism

    Molecular diagnosis of venous thromboembolism in Fajr Medical Genetics and Pathobiology Laboratory, Sari

  • CHAP test

    The test was launched in Fajr laboratory.

  • CHAP test

    Checkup tests: Checkup tests to assess anemia Obesity and overweight assessment check tests Check tests for inflammation and infections Thyroid function check tests Diabetes Assessment Check Tests Growth assessment tests It is performed in [...]

  • Genetic counseling

    Genetic counselling is done for all screening and infertility tests in medical Genetics laboratory and Fajr pathobiology Lab (Dr. Mahdavi).

  • Venous thrombosis

    Factors that contribute to venous thrombosis or venous thrombosis:

  • Sequencing

    Sequencing and Fragment analysis are performed for all tests in medical genetics lab and Fajr pathobiology Laboratory (Dr. Mahdavi).

  • Sequencing

    Sequencing and Fragment analysis for all genetic tests are performed in medical Genetics lab and Fajr pathobiology Laboratory (Dr. Mahdavi).

  • SDFA

    Some SDFA test request indications such as: Men with infertility due to unknown causes, men with OAT, older men, and men with varicocele.

  • Install and setup the NIPT test

    The experimental study of the fetal chromosomal abnormalities in the mother's blood was launched using a non-invasive NIPT method in Fajr laboratory. Using this method, chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus are performed at the [...]

  • Primary immunodeficiency

    Tests related to Immunodeficiency diseases are performed in Fajr lab.

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