What we need to know about Corona

Comprehensive guidelines for avoiding coronavirus disease (2019-nCoV):

1- Under no circumstances and never touch your face. (Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth under any circumstances)

2- Wash your hands regularly (every 1 hour) with soap and water (at least 20 seconds) or disinfectant with alcohol above 60% (between 60 to 95%).

3- Do not leave the house except in cases of compulsion.

4 – Avoid losing and rubbing shoulders with others.

5- Observe a distance of 1 meter with others. (Especially people who have symptoms of illness such as cough or fever)

In case of coughing or sneezing, place a flexed-elbow (bend your hand and place your elbow in front of your mouth) or a paper towel (which you immediately put in the trash can) in front of your mouth.

7- If you leave the house and do not have access to detergents, use a disinfectant solution with alcohol above 60% (between 60 to 95%).

8- Do not take your mobile phone out of your pocket outside the house (except in case of emergency)

9- The following actions are very, very vital when returning home and should be observed step by step and carefully:

A) After entering the house without touching anything and without colliding or sitting somewhere, go straight to the bathroom and wash your hands thoroughly. (Leave the toilet door open beforehand, if the door is not open, open the door with a paper towel and immediately throw the towel in the closed bin and after disinfection, disinfect the handle)

B) First completely disinfect your mobile phone with an alcohol wipe and then with an alcohol disinfectant solution above 60% and put it on a handkerchief. (If you use a protective case, remove the protective case and completely disinfect both the phone and the protective case)

C) Take off your outer clothes and hang them away from home clothes and other household items.

D) Go to the bathroom again and wash your hands thoroughly.

E) At this stage, you can wear your home clothes.
Your home environment is now safe and you can use your mobile phone as long as you do not touch your face.

10- Wash your hands before, during, and after preparing food, before eating, and after using the toilet.
Do not forget to touch your face (eyes, nose and mouth) under any circumstances, at any time of the day or in any place.

11- Wash all high-touch surfaces at home every day with a cleaning spray. (Including: Countertops, desktops, work desks, toiletries, telephones, keyboards, tablets and bedside tables, door handles)

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