Pre-test readiness
On this page, you will be informed about the well-being of your loved ones and the need to take the necessary steps before testing, as well as how to collect samples.

Pre-Trial Prep

Internet Answering Guide

Internet Answering Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Documents required for testing

Acceptance of free copies is accompanied by an identification card.
When accepting with the insurance book, it is mandatory to have a photocopy.
When admitting to your request, a person is required, in particular, in diagnostic tests for pregnancy, blood type, hepatitis, and HIV with identifying card.
When accepting a pathology with the answer to the previous tests, CT scan and MRI are recommended.
When accepting screening and embryonic health tests, the latest ultrasound is required.


  • Sari, Keshavarz boulevard, Dr. Dadkhah’s building

  • 011-33411103-5

  • 011-33292929


  • telegram robot : Fajrlab_bot

Laboratory Hours

Saturday to Wednesday 6 AM-7 PM
Thursday 6 AM-4 PM

test result from 4 pm to 7 pm


Contracting organizations

Fajr Sari Laboratory for the Advancement of Dear Patients With More Than 20  Insurance Companies

Social security (normal, special, midwife)
Health services (state employees, Iranian services, villagers, other classes)
armed force
Banks: National Bank, Nation, Export, Sepah, Welfare, Agriculture, Trade, Industry and Mine
Aid Committee
Steel and coal employees
Oil Company
Iran Insurance
Sound and sima
1. Hafez Online Insurance
2. arman insurance
3. Parsian insurance
4. maa insurance
5. Dana insurance
6. Insurance Asia
7. novin insurance
8. Alborz Insurance
9. Insurance dey
10. Razi Insurance