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Dear Customers If you accept an account, you can get your test results through the website of the lab.

To receive the test report in the username field, enter your national code and for the password, enter the mobile phone number that you have given to the operator.

Once you have logged in, you can get a results page through the link that provides the desired file to download.

important hints

If you have trouble getting the report, try another device, maybe your Windows or browser is not compatible.

If you are claiming to be a creditor or a debtor in the laboratory of your answer on the site.

You will no doubt be given a mobile phone number to the laboratory.

Certainly no earlier than your جوابدهی answer promised at the site.

in person lab report


Dear Customers, If you accept a bill of exchange, you can get your test results from the lab.

Answer by courier

Take Away

Dear visitors, if you request the results of tests sent by courier.

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