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Dear Visitor:
For the sake of well-being, patients who are willing to take home-based sampling can be trained by an experienced person.

Separate sampling chambers

With a separate sampling room for children, ladies and gentlemen, in addition to speeding up things, we have brought you a sense of sampling in a safe and relaxed environment.

In addition to the above rooms, designing a separate sampling room is one of Fajr’s most distinguished services for your loved ones.

V.I.P Parking

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Fajr Labs For the sake of the present, there are a limited number of dedicated parking lots for people such as the elderly, sick or emergency patients, as well as pregnant women. Only need when

Agree to the lab with the parking officer.

Genetic counseling appointment

Genetic counseling appointment

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY

Distribute the Lab Subscription Card

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online test report


Dear Customers If you accept an account, you can get your test results through the website of the lab.

To get the answer in the username field, enter your bill number or acceptance number, which is on the bill (above the name).

For example, for the username 045126 and for the password, enter the mobile number that you have accepted to the operator.

Once you have logged in, you can get a results page through the link that provides the desired file to download.

در صورتیکه مشکل در فونت و عدم خوانا بودن جواب، فونتهای zar را از اینجا دانلود کنید.

Visitors and high Labs after downloading the above fonts in the Font folder, in the Copy Control Panel font to be able to view the answer.

The important thing

To get the solution for our site to be sure to open with Firefox.

If there is a problem in getting the answer

Try another computer with a problem perhaps in your Windows or اکسپلور.

If you are claiming to be a creditor or a debtor in the laboratory of your answer on the site.

You will no doubt be given a mobile phone number to the laboratory.

Certainly no earlier than your جوابدهی answer promised at the site.

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