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سوالات متداول

مراجعین محترم :

جهت تسهیل در یافتن جواب برای سوالات شما عزیزان ، جوابیه سوالاتی که اغلب پرسیده شده در این بخش آورده شده است.

در صورت وجود هرگونه سوال جدید می توانید از طریق منوی ارتباط با ما سوال خود را ارسال و یا با ما تماس بگیرید.


What additional tests are needed for two people with suspected thalassemia minor?2021-08-24T01:53:15+04:30

If both people have MCV<80 or MCH<27 in their blood test, people with suspected thalassemia minor are then tested for hemoglobin A2 by HPLC. If both have HbA2>3.5. If both people have HbA2encoded_tag_closed3.5. The carrier is a healthy (minor) carrier and needs specialist advice. If HbA2<3.5 in either person or both, the person is treated as iron deficient.

Iron deficiency is treated for a month and then tested again. If the problem is solved, marriage is unrestricted.

Hello. Do you do a blood test at 10 weeks of pregnancy to determine the health and sex of the fetus? How accurate is the test?2021-08-24T01:45:36+04:30

Hi, Harmony test is a non-invasive method for diagnosing fetal trisomies, based on analysis and examination of fetal DNA in the mother’s blood. Harmony testing is an early and reliable screening method for diagnosing the most common chromosomal abnormalities and determining the sex of the fetus using the mother’s blood, which can be performed from the tenth week of pregnancy onwards. The accuracy of this test is 99.7%.

I wanted to know how the beta test is done in general? When to go for a test?2021-08-24T01:45:39+04:30

Beta testing is one of the tests used to diagnose pregnancy. Beta HCG testing is done through blood and urine. Beta is actually part of the hormone HCG. HCG is a hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy and enters the mother’s bloodstream and is measured after blood communication between the mother and the fetus.

You can have this test whenever you suspect a normal pregnancy or even an ectopic one, and the request is acceptable on your own. You do not need to be fasting to perform this test. It is not necessary not to drink water and it is not even necessary to stop the medications you are taking (at the doctor’s discretion).

The time required to perform this test is about half an hour, and you can perform this test at any time of the day or night. The test result will be ready within two hours of sampling.

How is a sperm quality test taken?2021-08-24T01:40:57+04:30

Method of collecting semen for sperm analysis: Sperm analysis is used to diagnose male infertility.

1- Do not ejaculate or have sex for 3 to 5 days before collecting the sample.

2. Fever, acute illness, and the use of a hot sauna and jacuzzi up to 3 days before sampling affect test results.

3- It is better to do sampling in the laboratory by artificial stimulation of masturbation (Masturbation), in this case, soapy and slippery materials should not be used.

4- All samples should be collected in a special laboratory container.

5- The sampling container should be at the same body temperature.

6- If the sampling is done outside the laboratory, the sample should be delivered to the laboratory within 30 to 45 minutes, and during this period, the sample container should be at body temperature (the sample container should be in the hands, or attached to the body).

7. Do not use condoms to collect samples.

8- Usually, for detailed examination and medical decisions related to the test sperm test results, if the results were abnormal, it is recommended to repeat the test one month after the first test by observing the above points.

Hello, in a period of 5 months, TSH has risen from 5.4 to 86.83, which is very high. What could be the reason?2021-08-24T01:35:01+04:30

In general, thyroid tests are requested when thyroid dysfunction, pituitary gland, hypothalamus are evident. Results of TH and TSH concentrations can be confusing when there is a slight degree of suspicion of HPT-related disorder and other non-thyroid diseases.

Accordingly, in the presence of abnormal levels of TFTs, the first step is to re-examine the patients’ clinical condition in order to take appropriate action. While many diagnostic laboratories have identified suffering for the hormones T3, T4, and TSH, there is evidence that these sufferings may not be appropriate under certain conditions, such as TSH suffering in serum affected by race, iodine uptake, sex, Age is the amount of body mass. Pregnancy is also associated with changes in TH and TSH levels.

When requesting and interpreting a TSH test result, it is recommended:

Always ask for a test (TSH, thyroid-stimulating hormone) in the morning and on an empty stomach.

2- To monitor thyroid diseases, the patient should always come at a certain time, preferably in the morning.

2- To monitor thyroid diseases, the patient should always come at a certain time, preferably in the morning. * Acute and chronic stress, long trips, surgery, short or long hospital stay, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, chronic and excessive fatigue, walking and strenuous exercise, mountaineering, prolonged hunger and fasting, menstruation, pregnancy, taking oral contraceptives Pregnancy, serum injection, acute and chronic infections, insomnia and waking up at night, etc. ** The presence of these variables, in many cases, change the level of TSH to several times normal.

By eliminating many of these variables, in the absence of clinical evidence of thyroid disease, the TSH response quickly returns to normal. The intensity and effect of these variables are much more significant in cases of Uperlimit TSH intermediate response.

The intensity and effect of these variables are much more significant in cases of Uperlimit TSH intermediate response.

TSH test has daily fluctuations of up to 35%.

6- TSH test has seasonal fluctuations.

7- The patient should go to a laboratory to perform TFT and TSH tests; The variety of TSH measurement methods and the different sensitivity and specificity of laboratory methods often lead to different TSH results.

8- If it is necessary to compare the results of the TSH test between two laboratories, the best suggestion is to sample in one place and divide the serum and send it between two laboratories that have the same and reliable method of measuring TSH.

9- TSH test of a patient due to pre-test variables and complex physiological conditions of a person in 65% of cases is not comparable with the results of TSH test even the next day.

10. If the TSH results do not match the patient’s clinical symptoms, the best laboratory advice is to request a repeat test on the same sample in the first laboratory or to send the same sample in the laboratory to the second trusted laboratory.

What causes hand and feet paralysis?2021-08-24T01:22:48+04:30

The unpleasant feeling of paralysis of hands and feet can have several causes. In the case of temporary and safe, this feeling may be due to pressure on one of the nerves.

If drowsiness occurs frequently, it is important to find the root cause, because if you control the problem early on, you will be safe from the serious consequences in the future. Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, lead or aluminum poisoning, and diabetes can cause sensory disturbances such as drowsiness.

General advice about a healthy lifestyle, such as maintaining healthy body weight, avoiding toxins, exercising properly, eating a balanced diet, and avoiding alcohol and smoking are ways to prevent nerve damage.

Hello. Should I fast for the first-trimester screening test?2021-08-24T01:16:52+04:30

To measure hormones related to fetal health screening, it is not necessary for a pregnant woman to fast for only 3-4 hours before drawing blood except for fluids. It is possible to draw blood for these tests at any time of the day or night.

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  1. تامین اجتماعی (عادی ، خاص ، ماما)
  2. خدمات درمانی (کارکنان دولت ، خدمات ایرانیان ، روستائیان ، سایر اقشار)
  3. نیروی مسلح
  4. بانک ها : بانک ملی ، ملت ، صادرات ، سپه ، رفاه ، کشاورزی ، تجارت ، صنعت و معدن
  5. کمیته امداد
  6. بهزیستی
  7. کارکنان فولاد و ذغال سنگ
  8. شرکت نفت
  9.  بیمه ایران
  10. صدا و سیما
  1. بیمه آتیه سازان حافظ
  2. بیمه آرمان
  3. بیمه پارسیان
  4. بیمه ما
  5. بیمه دانا
  6. بیمه آسیا
  7. بیمه نوین
  8. بیمه البرز
  9. بیمه دی
  10. بیمه رازی