Head of Laboratory

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Mohammad Reza Mahdavi
Mohammad Reza MahdaviPhD Medical Genetics and doctorate in clinical laboratory science

Fajr Genetics and pathobiology laboratoty Managed by Dr Mohammadreza Mahdavi It was opened in 2001 and with appropriate equipment and the use of experienced people, new devices and methods, it has been responsive to dear clients and has always strived to improve quality and has spared no effort in this regard.

In order to ensure the establishment and compliance of the standard requirements of the quality management system, we determined the quality manager to continuously and systematically monitor and review the management system and take corrective and preventive measures, and provide a continuous report of improvement opportunities to me. To provide.

Dr. Mahdavi

  • PH.D Genetics expert, University of Tarbiat Modares, Iran (2015)
  • PhD in laboratory Science (DCBA), Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Iran, (1988-1992)
  • B.SC, Faculty of Medicine, Shiraz, Iran (1985)
  • Member of the Scientific Board of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Mazandaran, Iran (since 1991)
  • Member of the Committee of the Faculty of Medicine Research, Mazandaran, University of Medical Sciences
  • Member of the Mazandaran University Research Committee of Medical Sciences
  • Member of Thalassemia Research Center
  • Member of the Committee of Cell and Molecular biological research
  • Blood Bank
  • Quality Control Laboratory
  • Hematology
  • Cancer Genetics
  • Cell Genetics
  • Lab Management
  • Metabolic diseases
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Collaborative doctors in the lab

In our laboratory, a team of physicians along with about ninety staff of senior experts, experts and associates respond to clients.

Mohammad Reza Mahdavi
Mohammad Reza MahdaviPhD Medical Genetics and doctorate in clinical laboratory science
Dr. Mehrad Mahdavi
Dr. Mehrad MahdaviDVM
Dr. rabiee
Dr. rabieePathologist
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Other physicians work with us in the lab, whose specifications are coming soon …

Quality Policy

The Fajr Medical Pathology and Genetics Laboratory (Dr. Mahdavi) has started an independent laboratory of its activities and services in the field of medical diagnostic tests since 2001. To improve the quality of the results and customer satisfaction and also to play an effective role in the health system of the Ministry of Health Is determined to provide customers with trained and capable staff, using validated and up-to-date equipment as well as verified testing methods, to provide customers with a constructive role in engaging and consulting with doctors and patients’ treatment systems.

In this regard, the management of the laboratory, using its skilled, expert and efficient manpower and continuous training, establishes a quality management system in accordance with the standards of ISIRI-ISO 9001: 2008 and INSO-ISO 15189 for the following purposes.

  • Provide detailed and on time results

  • Creating a safe and peaceful environment for patients and staff of laboratories and fellows

  • Specialist doctors have asked to deliver the services provided

  • Good sources of supplies are effective in terms of the quality of services provided


Validation of Fajr’s lab

Believing that professional and committed ethics in the Fajr Medical Pathology and Genetics Laboratory affects the spirit of commitment in all our managers and personnel, towards the people and the city in which we live, loyalty and Prove our attention. Our efforts to provide laboratory diagnostic services and provide accurate, accurate and timely answers. In such a way, it will provide guidance and assistance for the community of doctors to prevent, accurately and timely diagnosis, effective treatment and disease control. We believe that undoubtedly the scientific advancement and awareness of our employees will increase the health of our dear peoples and guarantee the survival of our reputation, credibility and profitability of our organization.

Our vision is to be considered as the best laboratory in the field of medical pathology and genetics and to provide services to well-respected clients, which can, in the first stage, provide the satisfaction of our valued customers and make us on the path to growth. It ultimately promotes the health of the community. Our ultimate goal is to create value for all stakeholders and sustainable development for our country, Iran.

  • High quality services
  • create a close and deep connection
  • Understanding the needs and wishes of their present and future
  • Creating a sense of responsibility and accountability to them
  • High speed and accuracy in carrying out experiments
  • Trying to satisfy customers
  • Improving