The Fajr Laboratory is proud to perform new metabolic tests at the lowest cost and in the fastest possible time.

It should be noted that some of these tests required samples to be sent abroad, which was time consuming and costly.

Acylcarnitine Profile

( serum, plasma, urine and amniotic Fluid)

Amino Acid Profile (urine amino)

( serum, plasma, urine and amniotic Fluid)

Succinyl Acetone

(serum, plasma, urine and amniotic Fluid)

Very Long Chain Fatty Acid (VLCFA)

(serum, plasma, urine and amniotic Fluid)

Biothinidase Deficiency

DBS ( Dried Blood Spot)


DBS ( Dried Blood Spot)

Metabolic Panel

DBS ( Dry Blood Spot)

Organic Acid


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