Method of collecting semen for sperm analysis: Sperm analysis is used to diagnose male infertility.

1- Do not ejaculate or have sex for 3 to 5 days before collecting the sample.

2. Fever, acute illness, and the use of a hot sauna and jacuzzi up to 3 days before sampling affect test results.

3- It is better to do sampling in the laboratory by artificial stimulation of masturbation (Masturbation), in this case, soapy and slippery materials should not be used.

4- All samples should be collected in a special laboratory container.

5- The sampling container should be at the same body temperature.

6- If the sampling is done outside the laboratory, the sample should be delivered to the laboratory within 30 to 45 minutes, and during this period, the sample container should be at body temperature (the sample container should be in the hands, or attached to the body).

7. Do not use condoms to collect samples.

8- Usually, for detailed examination and medical decisions related to the test sperm test results, if the results were abnormal, it is recommended to repeat the test one month after the first test by observing the above points.

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