Mission statement
Believing that professional and committed ethics in the Fajr Medical Pathology and Genetics Laboratory affects the spirit of commitment in all our managers and personnel, towards the people and the city in which we live, loyalty and Prove our attention. Our efforts to provide laboratory diagnostic services and provide accurate, accurate and timely answers. In such a way, it will provide guidance and assistance for the community of doctors to prevent, accurately and timely diagnosis, effective treatment and disease control. We believe that undoubtedly the scientific advancement and awareness of our employees will increase the health of our dear peoples and guarantee the survival of our reputation, credibility and profitability of our organization.

Mission Components
Customers: a) doctors; b) patients; c) healthy people who seek to monitor and ensure their health. D-Our employees as internal customers will never be dropped.

Product: Laboratory Services, Medical Diagnosis

Markets: Our market is wide across the country; Emphasizing the northern regions of the country (Mazandaran).

Technology: Enjoy the most advanced, up-to-date and most efficient automation and computer networks

Attention to Growth and Survival and Profitability: Continuous improvement of quality and quantity of services in accordance with ethics and commitment.

Philosophy: Compliance with professional ethics and commitment in providing accurate, timely, and accurate services from the lab is a great help in health, health and health.

Excellent competence: Experienced, efficient and highly qualified personnel, types of tests, speed, accuracy and high accuracy in providing the answer to the experiments are also proven credentials and reputable names of the privileged qualities of Fajr Lab.

People’s Attention: The Unparalleled Attention of the People and the Customers of the Lab is and is about the merits of the lab. At the same time, the widespread preservation of this concern is aimed at promoting this and, as a result, improving the health of the community and the environment.

Attention to employees: The most important assets of the laboratory are experienced staff and professionals. We are determined to appreciate this blessing to make no effort to create an environment suitable for work, security, prosperity and satisfaction in order to flourish their intrinsic resources and talents.

The prospect of the lab
Our vision is to be considered as the best laboratory in the field of medical pathology and genetics and to provide services to well-respected clients, which can, in the first stage, provide the satisfaction of our valued customers and make us on the path to growth. It ultimately promotes the health of the community. Our ultimate goal is to create value for all stakeholders and sustainable development for our beloved country, Iran.

Our commitment
To customers
– Providing excellent quality services

-To create a close and deep relationship

– Understand the needs and wishes of their present and future

– Creating a sense of responsibility and accountability to them

– High speed and precision in conducting tests

– An attempt to satisfy the customers

– Increase the quality of services and create an atmosphere suitable for dear citizens and customers

Systems and processes
Efficient and effective systems based on national and international standards and laws and regulations, policies, strategies and decisions of the laboratory provide brilliant services and create sustainable values ​​for stakeholders. Creating, integrating, maintaining and continuously improving the systems and processes of the Fajr Laboratory is one of our core values.

Considering the fact that the personnel and experts of Fajr Laboratory are the most important material and spiritual resources of the laboratory, by gaining participation, empowerment, empowerment, promotion of innovation and creativity, and creating a sense of commitment and accountability towards customers and society, the work space filled with We create tranquility, attractiveness, productivity, creativity, innovation, safety and trust, helping us achieve our vision and goals.

Wealth creation
Creating material, spiritual and moral wealth, and earning a fair profit, while respecting corporate ethics, will ensure our success in the journey of excellence, and will lead to entrepreneurship, growth and business development, and the creation of sustainable values ​​for all stakeholders.

Promoting culture and ethics
Promoting the culture of excellence and adherence to morality is one of the fundamental values ​​of the Fajr Laboratory. By promoting, promoting and implementing the organization’s ethical policy and adhering to its content in everyday activities, we are moving towards achieving the goals and objectives set.

knowledge and technology
Achieving new knowledge and technologies will enable our lab to move towards excellence. With the innovative management of these resources, we offer our products and services faster, better, cheaper and easier to our customers, and we create brilliant results and sustainable values ​​for all stakeholders.